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THE beag.com END Date: Mon, 9 May 2005 12:11:54 -0700 From: beeg-com Jan 0 Subject: Educating a Bilogist (adult / youth f/F) Warning: This story is a work of fiction beeg xx and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between a girl and women. If this type of content offends you or you beeg.com are under the beeg hairy age of 18 do not read it. Author's Note: This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a beeg mom friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for permission. Copyright 2005 Jan, All Rights Reserved. Please mail to janmay699icqmail if you have suggestions for future stories. Educating a Biologist By Jan The red Ford convertible was rolling down the country road on a warm spring morning and Allyson beeg.coom smelled the green hay. It brought back beeg video memories of her childhood and the time spent visiting her aunt free beeg Elizabeth. 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After graduation she married and got a watch dog job seeing www beeg.com to it that the coal industry adheres to all State and beeg gesetz Federal Environmental Laws. The couple beeq.com had a daughter but soon after she returned to her lesbian relationships. Her husband finally understood that Ally was never going to stop having sex with women. They divorced at the turn of the new century and the xnxx beeg time of their daughter beeg come Jenny's tenth birthday. Nothing was said about her beeg beeg sexual tastes in the divorce. It was just understood that because Ally traveled so much it was best that Jenny lived beeg.con with her beeg moms father most of the www.beeg time. Ally never hid her sexuality from her daughter but never flaunted it either. beeg porche It eventually became obvious beeg sex video even beeg porno to the youngster that her mother seemed to prefer www.beeg.com older women. What she had not yet understood was that those women were chosen because they were as oral and anal as her mother. Ally's Aunt Liz was still one of her favorites and she had even introduced Liz to tongue fucking asshole beeg. com and using dildos on each other. Liz had always offered to see if Jenny would like to have sex with women but Ally did say yes or no. Perhaps someday soon she would be treated to a visit to her great aunt Liz's farm for an extension of her education. I hope you enjoyed the story and have a beeg moms story you would like told please send your mail to janmay699icqmail Date: Sat, 31 Mar bee 2001 16:41:47 +0100 beegcom From: Ardveche Subject: Educating Alex 4 APOLOGIA ======== Okay, so I said that beeg 18 the last chapter might be the last one, but I'm too attached to Alex to stop now, so I'm writing another .beeg one. But at some point I really beeg tubes must get on and write the final part of New to this State, before someone lynches me. When we left our intrepid heroes, they porno beeg had just declared their love for one another. This beeg.c chapter, like the rest, picks up some beeeg time later. I'll do my best to keep the flashbacks beeg massage to a beeq.com minimum. Oh, and don't forget to visit the all new website: http://www.ardveche. DISCLAIMER ========== This beeg..com is a work of fiction; any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. The author asserts all legal and moral rights (copyright (c) 2001 - www.ardveche) to this work and you may not copy it or transmit it in any way except in its entirety and with this disclaimer. This story features descriptions of sex between adult males: - if such material is prohibited in your jurisdiction, please DO NOT READ beeg hd ON, - if you're under the legal age to read free porn beeg such material, please DO NOT READ ON, - if you don't like, or are offended by such material, beeeg please DO NOT READ ON. Now, if everyone who is still here is meant to sex beeg be here or at least aware they shouldn't be, let's get on with it. All comments are welcome and gratefully beegcom received (email them to ardvecheardveche). EDUCATING ALEX IV ================= I had been floating, walking on air, since the day Alex told me he loved me. Well, strictly since he said he 'thought' he loved me. But he'd said it again, more emphatically that site beeg.com beeg night as we lay together in bed talking about all that had happened since we had been together. The only relationship I had ever been in which беег had beeg.coom lasted longer than this was with beegs John, and we had never really mom beeg been in love, never said it, never felt it. With Alex, though, I had known I beegxx loved him almost from the start, and to beeg video finally hear him say that he loved me too made me the happiest man in the world. He had a quality about him I can't really explain, a sweetness and decency that made not loving him utterly impossible. beeg indian Still, it seemed like a dream and I was constantly expecting to wake up. By Monday Alex was feeling much better and was well enough again to get up and get dressed, beeg xvideos and although he was still snuffling a bit he went to his classes exactly as normal. He seemed a lot more confident about it since beeg Blair's visit, and although nothing bad had happened to him after beeg mp4 the movie theater 'incident' I was worried that Derek would not let things rest. It seemed I was doing all the worrying for both of us. But that was very like Alex, to https //beeg.com ignore a thing until it actually happened, which might well explain the problems with his grades. That was another thing I worried more about than he, and I was on tenterhooks until Wednesday and he returned from his meeting with Matt Rogers. "Well?" beeg.c I demanded as soon as I heard him coming in tube beeg the door. I closed the book I had been pretending to read and stood to face Alex as he www.beeg entered the living room. I had expected him back hours earlier and had really begun to worry. beeg teen But his appearance showed me where he had been, beeg.com/ he was wearing sweatpants and beeg free a baggy sweatshirt and was a little beeg tubes flushed. He must have been running, which suggested he had frustrations he wanted to work off. "Fine thanks." He replied with a beeg anal grin, throwing his backpack onto the chair. "You?" "Stop beeg com. it, Alex. www beeg com I don't want to play this game today; I www.beeg..com just want you to tell me how the meeting went. What did he say?" "Jeez, Ryan, calm down. I'm just in the door, buddy." He walked past me beag.com toward the kitchen. "Can I get something to drink first?" "I guess." If it had gone beeg com beeg..com beeg sex badly, desperate though I was to know, it would only make him clam up completely if I kept pushing. "You want anything?" He asked stooping to get the orange juice beeg porno from beeg movies the fridge. "Only to know what Rogers said." "He said I'm screwed. That I should pack up and get the hell out of Dodge." "What?" I practically yelled. беег "No! There must be something we can do." "Man, you're too easy." He laughed aloud at the expression on my face. "Oh very funny. I thought I said I didn't want to play?" "Yeah, you did. But you're cute when you're all righteously indignant." He grinned and clapped me on the shoulder, taking a long pull of orange juice - straight from the bottle! This time I decided to say nothing. "And you are beeg . going to tell me what he really said, or you're going to regret it." I jabbed my fingers in his beeg x gut, making him splutter and lose some of the juice down the front of his shirt. "After a beeg sex shower. I stink." beeg sexxx "So what's new?" "Funny." He walked back past me, determinedly telling me mom beeg beegxxx nothing, pulling his teen beeg shirt off as he went. "Wanna throw this in the laundry for me, my love?" sex beeg "Put like that, how can I refuse?" I said, my voice heavy with irony, but I accepted the shirt from him anyway. "How about those pants, they look like they could use a wash too." I added with a wink. "You have a one track mind, Thomson." Alex responded, kicking off his running shoes and struggling out of his sweatpants. "Thanks, man, I won't be long, 'kay?" He asked, suddenly serious standing in front of me in just his shorts. "Take your time. Is there anything else to wash?" "Um, a T-shirt in the backpack, I guess. I think that's everything." He shrugged, a particularly eloquent gesture with his torso bare, and one that brought a surprising number of muscles into play! "It's okay, though, I'll do it." "It's okay, my master, I'll deal with it." I pressed the palms of my hands together and bowed low to him, like Genie from that old show with Larry Hagman. "Attaboy." He sauntered off to beeg coom take his shower and I dealt with the laundry. He took longer than I had site beeg.com beeg expected, so I phoned for Chinese while I waited and opened a bottle of wine for the two of beeg . us. I figured he might want to relax. He took his time in the bathroom, and I put www.beeg.com a CD on while I waited, more or less patiently. beeg com. Finally, Alex padded barefoot back into the living room, vigorously toweling his hair as he walked. He had jeans on now, and a T-shirt thrown over one shoulder, looking for all the world as though he was auditioning for a shampoo commercial. I beeg porno turned the stereo down; Carmen was playing as I had flicked through the libretto, my mind on neither the words nor the music. beeg jepang "Feel better?" I asked as beeg videos he pulled the shirt on and plopped down beside me. "Much. Man, I needed beeh that." "Yes. You did." I grinned at him and he bared his teeth back at me. "So, you wanna tell me what happened today, 'my love'?" I asked turning sideways to face him. "It went really well, actually. Matt was a big help." "Matt now?" "Yup. Oh, didn't I say? I'm leaving www beeg you for him." "Get on with the story, you asshole." "Charming." Alex sidled closer on the couch and slid one bare arm round my shoulder, I beeg/ allowed him to be affectionate, hoping that I'd get the story sooner anal beeg if I did. "He said I was doing too badly in some classes to pass, th